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It's the arrangement that can make a song grow to its fullest. Refining the perfect combination of musical components is going to amplify the song's emotion and message. Our partners of talented arrangers, multi-instrumentalists and orchestrators all have the desire of getting the most out of the immersive experience of a song, without distracting from the work of art as such.


From the first idea to the final release, we plan, organise, and execute your musical intents and fulfil all requirements throughout the entire production process - both for studio and live productions. Led by our international team of top-level producers, engineers, and musicians, every step is carefully performed with a clear vision of the final spatial audio experience. With our help, you'll create an experience for your listeners that is both emotionally involving and sonically exceptional.


We see ourselves as creators with a passion for assisting artists to help develop their songs. Our partners of experienced lyricists and composers therefore support internationally established artists from a wide variety of genres. They are specialised in writing and composing songs that are made to measure for music in spatial audio.


For recording purposes on a larger scale, we've teamed up with the world's finest recording studios where our engineers use unique techniques to capture the 3D space with the latest technology. We ensure the highest possible sound quality during complex recording sessions and pursue that all our productions are always uncompromising in order to amaze our customers time and time again. Our dedicated mobile equipment also enables live footage to be captured in 3D at any venue or festival worldwide.

If required, we also offer a range of experienced session musicians who are always ready to deliver flawless, emotionally rich instrumental and vocal performances.


In this novel 3D space our certified engineers mix musical elements in a way that creates unprecedented clarity, depth and emotion. We've helped world-renowned artists from across all musical genres in their creative quest to bring their music to life - that's why they choose us to mix their songs for the best immersive listening experience. And for record labels we are able to process higher volumes of tracks from back catalogues at the highest quality level within fast turnaround times. Our unique ThreeDee PRO app enables our clients to check their productions instantly at every conceivable place in spatial audio without visiting the studio. The app also allows you to compare the translation with the corresponding stereo mix to approve the final product.


Due to the complexity of spatial audio compared to stereo, mastering for 3D is a crucial factor. No matter how experienced you are with these formats, our mastering services will prepare and finalise the tracks for the ultimate playback quality across all platforms and formats - with the sonic impact and loudness the consumer expects from a top-tier production. Of course, we continuously check and meet the strict guidelines and specifications of Dolby and all major labels.


Moby - Walk With Me (feat. Lady Blackbird) [Resound NYC]
Die Fantastischen Vier, Für immer 30 Jahre
Highs And Lows - ATB, Au/Ra and York
Herbert Grönemeyer - Urverlust
Band Aid 20, Do they know its Christmas
Moby - Resound NYC-album
Nathan Evans, Wellerman
Herbert Grönemeyer - Angstfrei
Balmorhea - Step Step Step - Single
Moby - In This World (feat Nicole Scherzinger & Marisha Wallace) [Resound NYC]
Sido, Paul
Nico Santos - Ride - album
Die Fantastischen Vier, MTV Unplugged 2
Herbert Grönemeyer - Das Ist Los
Scorpions, Rock Believer Album
Badmomzjay, Badmomz
Moby - 'Extreme Ways' ft. Dougy Mandagi
Bosse X Lea Nur Noch Ein Lied Single 15.09.2023
1986zig, Zweite Chance
Sarah Connor, Not so silent night
Bonez MC & Raf Camora, Palmen aus Plastik 3
Helene Fischer - Best Of - album
Lena-what I want-single-2023
LIZOT Because Of You Single 15.09.23
Scorpions, Peacemaker
Luca-Dante Spadafora - 3 Tage Wach
Quarterhead x Raphaella x Tenchi - Getaway - Single - 18.08.2023
Megaloh, 21
Vikingur Olafsson - From Afar - Reworks - EP
Bosse - All-Time-Favourite-single-01.09.23
Lena, Only Love
Luca-Dante Spadafora - Madchen auf dem Pferd - Single 12.05.2023
Silbermond Hey Ma Single 21.04.23
Helmut Lotti, Italian Songbook
Max Richter - SLEEP Tranquility Base (Kelly Lee Owens Remix)
Bosse feat. alligatoah salzwasser single 28.07.2023
Scorpions, Rock Believer
Madism Jaden, People help the people
Fred Roberts Say Single 01.09.23
1986zig & Samra, Valium
Sarah Connor, Christmas in my Heart
Paula Dalla Corte - Good Girl Killer - Single 04.08.23
MAXAM - Raver der Nacht - Single - 22.09.2023
Amber Van Day, Touch
Michael Schulte - Remember Me album 29.09.2023
Mike Singer, Forever young
Scorpions, Seventh Sun
Nullzwei - No For Me - Single - 18.08.2023
Badmomzjay-Kool Savas - Airplanes
Toby Romeo, Declan J Donavan - Alive Single 01.09.23
Laura und Mark, Das Herz ist ein Ozean
Max Richter - SLEEP: Tranquility Base (Alva Noto Remodel)
Sanna, Beretta
Michael Schulte, R3HAB  Better Me Single 15.09.23
Team 5ünf, Einmal Boyband und Zurück
Rea Garvey -  Feel Like The Ocean - Single
Balmorhea - Range - single
Laryssa, Nie Mehr
Sotiria, Mein Herz
Bosse - Kreuzbergermaedchen - single - 23.06.2023
Sarah Connor, Ring out the Bells
Tim Baldus Letzter Zug Single 25.08.23
Lena, Looking for love
Ramon Roselly, Lieblingsmomente
Maite Kelly, Hello
Jan-Marten Block, Break out
KIMMIC - This Girl - Single 22.09.2023
Bonez Mc & Raf Camora, 500 PS
Bosse - Ein Traum - single
PBH & Jack (feat. Alex Hosking) - Lost In The Moment
Rea Garvey - Free Like An Ocean (Deep See Edit) Single 29.09.2023
Sophie And The Giants (feat. Mearsy) - DNA
Yung Kafa & Kücük Efendi - Jungmillionäre
Captain Curtis - Here We Go Again - single 22.09.2023
Dustin O'Halloran - Constellation No.3
PBH & Jack - Disciple - Single - 2023
Butschi & Fary Mary - Dünne Linien (Fein und Grau) Single 29.09.2023
Michael A. Muller - Night Scene With Moon
Madism-Stay Little Longer- Single
Michael Schulte, R3HAB - Waterfall
Wankelmut & Jutty Ranx, I See You
MEARSY, Ready To Go (feat. Doody) - Single 28.04.2023
Rea Garvey feat. KXXMA - Free Like The Ocean
Bosse - Ein Traum (Hurricane Chor Live 2023) Single
Felix Jaehn x Jonas Blue - Past Life - 22.09.2023

About us

What happens when leading industry professionals and exceptional musical talents start working together at a place that radiates art and history from every single square inch of its walls?

Something powerful, creative and innovative, with the potential to change art as we know it! This is exactly how ThreeDee Music was born. When music producer Matthias Stalter got his own studio suite at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, he joined forces with talented engineers to start one of the world’s finest teams dedicated to a unified approach to producing music for immersive audio. As the name already mentions, ThreeDee Music includes the possibilities of 3D in every aspect of the production process, from recording up to the final master. With our ThreeDee PRO App, our clients and partners are even able to approve, compare and present the finished tracks within their artist camps.

At ThreeDee Music, your vision is turned into a stunning, three-dimensional sonic experience, especially tailored for your audience. We also host a rapidly increasing library of artists and music, specifically produced for immersive audio. With our holistic approach and the unique way to process our orders, we serve some of the biggest global music companies and their vast catalogues, labels, artists and their managements, music production for movies and video games, content creators and much more.

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We wouldn't be one of the world’s leading productions companies for Spatial Audio if it weren't for our excellent team!
Please meet the ThreeDee family...


Matthias Stalter, founder and CEO of ThreeDee Music is an experienced music producer with both a classical and pop/rock background. He had his own production suite at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London where he worked with and alongside some of the greatest and most highly respected globally successful artist and bands of the modern era. Matthias is an early adopter of immersive music and has been involved in the development of several 3D implementations for professional music production.


Manuel Brandt, an internationally graduated and renowned economist, joins ThreeDee Music as COO. With 30+ years of experience in diverse industries and higher managerial positions, he brings expertise in digital transformation, disruptive economies, and software solutions. Manuel's deep passion for music and extensive background in the music industry began over a decade ago when he gained international experience in music management. Since then, he has provided knowledge and consultancy for significant projects, including a globally recognized record label.


Gregor Stöckl has almost 30 years experience in leading roles at major labels such as Virgin Records and the Warner Music Group. He was also an artist manager and marketing consultant for well known acts and with his extensive knowledge of the music industry he is an integral part of ThreeDee Music. As a key account manager Gregor brings in both his profound expertise and a huge network of important contacts.


Christoph Thiers has worked on hundreds of major productions and is a highly respected audio engineer who specialises in spatial audio formats. He has been involved in the development of several software tools for professional music production. As head of the studios, Christoph is involved in all aspects of Dolby Atmos productions, studio resource management and quality control at ThreeDee Music.


Dr. Spyros Olivotos has been working on social media and digital marketing for many years within the independent music sector. After the completion of his doctoral studies he decided to pursue his passion for music and become more involved professionally within the music industry. As a musician himself, Spyros provides the best and latest practices for maximum exposure and effectivity for ThreeDee Music and its partners.


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