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You're looking for Dolby Atmos Music mixes for Apple Music, Tidal or Amazon Music?
That's the power of ThreeDee.


About Us

Imagine you are not just listening to music, you are floating in it.
Imagine sound is not just surrounding you, you are immersed in it.
Imagine a new level of sonic experience.
That's the power of ThreeDee.

ThreeDee is breaking new ground and changing the way music is perceived for everyone - for artists, producers, content providers and for consumers. ThreeDee is more than just a new way of presenting the old. Of course you'll enjoy rediscovering your favourite artists in an immersive way, but (spoiler alert!) there's a serious downside: They were never produced for spatial audio, only for stereo.

Here comes the game changer: ThreeDee is able to arrange, record, mix and master music specifically for your immersive, three dimensional or spatial formats.

As a pioneer in these production techniques, ThreeDee is a global leader in immersive music production. We have honed our immersive skills from today's laptop studios to legendary studios all over the world. We will unlock the full three dimensional potential of your music and we will help you create new sonic and emotional experiences unlike any you have heard before.

For artists, we will arrange and produce songs specifically for the sonic immersion of their audience. For consumers, we will create an ambient sound so close, so intimate and so involving, they will never again settle for anything less. For businesses looking for musical content (audio, video or gaming productions), we proudly offer a growing catalogue of artists, music and content libraries that will take the immersive experiences for their clients to the next level.

ThreeDee is the future of recorded music. This future is now.
You want the best quality from the most innovative team in music production?
Go ThreeDee.


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